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“I’m passionate about changing the reality of pelvic floor weakness and incontinence for the millions of people who experience this issue every day. Experiencing the frustration and embarrassment that comes with these issues is a personal motivator and has changed the path of my practice.

I’m a registered osteopath

I’ve been in private practice as a registered Osteopath since 2008 and have worked in a variety of different settings, with medical doctors, allied health professionals as well as natural and complementary practitioners.

This has given me the opportunity to learn from many fantastic clinicians with different views and perspectives on health and wellbeing.
Outside of the clinical setting, I provide ongoing education to other health care providers, around Australia and Internationally. Sharing knowledge and supporting and nurturing the skills of other practitioners is very rewarding. It warms my heart knowing this is then being integrated into their clinics and to the ongoing benefit of their patients. There are many benefits to seeing a health professional in a one on one setting. However I know many people with pelvic floor issues don’t have access to qualified and experienced people in their area. Or the fear and embarrassment can put people off seeing someone face to face. It’s important to increase awareness, break down barriers and improve access for everyone in the community. I’m really excited to be sharing this pelvic floor training program, that goes beyond basic kegel exercises with you.

Online training program

We are thrilled to offer a cutting edge online pelvic floor education, exercise and training program to get people to laugh and not leak. Access your free training and receive our most up to date information here.

Health professional education

In addition to our online training program for the public, we offer webinar and face to face training for various allied and complementary health practitioners. If you would like more information about our upcoming programs or express interest, please contact us….

Personal consultation

If you would prefer a private one on one appointment, Prue and her team of Osteopaths are available for private consultations from her private practice at Koru Natural Therapies in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.