Pelvic Wellness Blog

Welcome to the Laugh No Leaks tribe. Our pelvic health and wellness blog covers a holistic body, mind and lifestyle approach.

enjoy pelvic floor blogWe will incorporate up to date health and medical information in conjunction with natural therapies, personal stories and experience to provide an all encompassing pelvic training approach. Articles will be written by a variety of health professionals, including osteopaths, psychologists, naturopaths, nutritionists, midwives, physiotherapists and exercise instructors who all have experience in the field. Specific exercise advice, including different options on how to perform pelvic floor exercises and how to initiate contraction during every day activities such as lifting, bending, going to the toilet and general exercising will be discussed. Additional content will be provided on the emotional components to pelvic floor issues and how it can flow on to other aspects of your life. Information on specific health conditions will be included such as:
  • prolapse
  • incontinence
  • rectocele
  • cancer surgery and treatment
  • trauma
  • anxiety
  • episiotomy
  • pregnancy complications
  • vaginismus
  • and many more!
We can not emphasise enough how the pelvic floor does not work in isolation, but rather in conjunction with your whole body. Your pelvic floor should contract as you go onto your tippy toes while walking, a mild activation should occur with every breath out that you take, as well as a light relaxation and lowering as you breathe in. It supports your pelvic and abdominal musculature in conjunction with your abdominal muscles and thoracic diaphragm. We will explore these concepts together so you can maximise your pelvic floor health and function to assist in your whole well-being. If you have any ideas or topics you would like covered or are interested in contributing to our blog posts please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you. In addition, we love for you to share your thoughts and ideas on our articles. Comment below each post, share on social media with your friends and family and continue the conversation.
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